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One hour tour of Ortigia

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A unique and relaxing tour .. rich in history, monuments, sea caves and nature. A beautiful and fantastic experience, advisable to photograph the beautiful landscapes and sunsets. Departure from the Umbertino bridge, continuing from the small port of S. Lucia we head towards the sea caves and the heart-shaped cave (Syracuse side). After that we continue along the Alfeo seafront on the island of Ortigia, we will admire the Maniace Castle and the Aretusa spring where it is possible to take a short stop with a bathroom and photograph the beautiful panorama it offers us .. ending the tour at the large port, the Marina and passing under the Umbertino bridge.


  • Maniace Castle: The medieval Maniace Castle is located at the entrance to the port of Ortigia. From a boat, you can admire the grandeur of this castle and its history as the captain shares interesting anecdotes.
  • Aretusa Fountain: The Aretusa Fountain is a freshwater spring surrounded by myths and legends. During the tour, you can see this spring from the water and hear the story associated with the goddess Aretusa.
  • Syracuse Cathedral: The charming Ortigia Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Lucy, is one of the architectural gems of the island. From the boat, you can get a unique perspective of the facade and its features.
  • Hidden Caves and Coves: During the boat tour, you might explore marine caves, bays, and hidden coves around the island, discovering secluded spots and breathtaking landscapes.
  • Spectacular Views: The crystal-clear waters around Ortigia offer spectacular views of the coastline, cliffs, and beaches. You may have the opportunity to make stops for swimming or snorkeling.
  • History and Local Tales: The captain or guide on board the boat may share fascinating stories about Ortigia's history, culture, and historical significance.
  • Romantic Sunset: If you choose a sunset tour, you can enjoy an incredible natural spectacle as the sun dips below the sea horizon.


  • Boat and skipper
  • Guide tour of Ortigia
  • Transfer to and from the port

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